LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2014 Sets - Price and Size

There are 12 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets in 2014. The Milano Spaceship Rescue is the largest set with 665 pieces.

ImageSet NumberNameYearMSRPPrice Per Brick
LEGO 30302 Spider-Man30302Spider-Man2014$N/A
LEGO 5002125 Electro5002125Electro2014$N/A
LEGO 5002145 Rocket Raccoon5002145Rocket Raccoon2014$N/A
LEGO 76014 Spider-Trike vs. Electro76014Spider-Trike vs. Electro2014$12.99$0.19
LEGO 76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist76015Doc Ock Truck Heist2014$19.99$0.08
LEGO 76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue76016Spider-Helicopter Rescue2014$44.99$0.15
LEGO 76017 Avengers: Captain America vs. Hydra76017Avengers: Captain America vs. Hydra2014$19.99$0.12
LEGO 76018 Avengers: Hulk Lab Smash76018Avengers: Hulk Lab Smash2014$49.99$0.13
LEGO 76019 Starblaster Showdown 76019Starblaster Showdown 2014$19.99$0.10
LEGO 76020 Knowhere Escape Mission 76020Knowhere Escape Mission 2014$39.99$0.09
LEGO 76021 The Milano Spaceship Rescue76021The Milano Spaceship Rescue2014$74.99$0.11
LEGO 76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel76022X-Men vs. The Sentinel2014$49.99$0.15