LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2015 Sets - Price and Size

There are 17 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets in 2015. SHIELD Helicarrier is the largest set with 2996 pieces.

ImageSet NumberNameYearMSRPPrice Per Brick
LEGO 30304 The Avengers Quinjet30304The Avengers Quinjet2015$N/A
LEGO 30305 Spider-Man Super Jumper30305Spider-Man Super Jumper2015$N/A
LEGO 5002943 Winter Soldier5002943Winter Soldier2015$N/A
LEGO 5002946 Silver Centurion5002946Silver Centurion2015$N/A
LEGO 5003084 The Hulk5003084The Hulk2015$N/A
LEGO 5004552 Super Heroes Avengers Collection5004552Super Heroes Avengers Collection2015$252.94N/A
LEGO 5004815 Marvel Super Heroes Collection5004815Marvel Super Heroes Collection2015$52.98N/A
LEGO 76029 Iron Man vs. Ultron76029Iron Man vs. Ultron2015$12.99$0.14
LEGO 76030 Avengers Hydra Showdown76030Avengers Hydra Showdown2015$19.99$0.09
LEGO 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash76031The Hulk Buster Smash2015$29.99$0.12
LEGO 76032 The Avengers Quinjet City Chase76032The Avengers Quinjet City Chase2015$79.99$0.11
LEGO 76036 Carnage's Shield Sky Attack76036Carnage's Shield Sky Attack2015$12.99$0.13
LEGO 76037 Rhino and Sandman Supervillain Team-up76037Rhino and Sandman Supervillain Team-up2015$39.99$0.10
LEGO 76038 Attack on Avengers Tower76038Attack on Avengers Tower2015$59.99$0.12
LEGO 76039 Ant-Man Final Battle76039Ant-Man Final Battle2015$19.99$0.11
LEGO 76041 The Hydra Fortress Smash76041The Hydra Fortress Smash2015$49.99$0.12
LEGO 76042 SHIELD Helicarrier76042SHIELD Helicarrier2015$349.99$0.12