LEGO 10001 - Metroliner  

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LEGO 10001 - Metroliner

Trains (2001)



Estimated Market Value (New)
1,199.00 (704.70%)

Last Sold Price
1,199.00 (704.7%) (28 days ago).

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Very rare

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LEGO 10001 - Metroliner Fast Facts

LEGO Metroliner was released in 2001. It is from the LEGO Trains theme and contains 782 pieces.

LEGO 10001 - Metroliner is the largest LEGO Trains set in 2001.

The set MSRP is $149, which brings the price/brick to be $0.1905.

This LEGO set currently has a current market value of $1,199.00, which is 704.70% above the MSRP.

How Expensive is LEGO 10001 - Metroliner?

The price per brick for LEGO 10001 - Metroliner is $0.1905.

This chart shows the Price Per Brick comparison between LEGO Metroliner and other 2001 LEGO Trains sets.

How Big is LEGO 10001 - Metroliner?

This chart shows the comparison between LEGO Metroliner set size and other 2001 LEGO Trains sets.